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Hello!  We are so glad you are shopping with us today.  Whispering Angels, LLC was created in 2008 to the glory of God, parents, and children.  I had been a pharmaceutical sales representative for 15 great years, but things were changing, and I knew God had other plans for me.  I had no idea He wanted me to be a song writer and make CD's, but that’s what He did with me!


When my second daughter was born, I wrote the music to “Babies Won’t Keep”.  A beautiful little lullaby.  Then, when I became the Executive Producer of Whispering Angels,LLC, He sent me other wonderful lullabies, such as “Whispering Angels”, our title track, and “My Little Bundle”.  When writing “My Little Bundle”, I wanted to capture the love and joy of a mother holding and rocking her baby.  I have such warm, joyful memories of those precious moments.  When making the CD “Lullabies for Lil’ Lambs” (previously known as "Lullabies for Lil' Christians") my team had three things in mind: God, all the sweet little babies and children, and their mommies and daddies.  This is a lullaby CD moms and dads will enjoy, even the 100th time at 2 a.m. in the morning.  The music is beautiful, created and performed live by talented musicians, featuring the beautiful vocals of Christy Suggett.  Ms. Suggett has won singing awards and sung the National Anthem at professional ball games.  Her versitile and soothing voice provides the perfect vocals for Whispering Angels' lullaby CD's.  So soft and soothing, they even put my type A self to sleep!  More are currently in the works, so stay tuned!


The prayer plaques are fun!  They started when I was going through a weathered falling down shack, located in the Texas Hill Country, that was going to be torn down.  I almost missed it, but there was an old, yellowed plaque hanging on the kitchen wall.  I went over to it, thinking it might be something interesting, and it sure was!  It was the beautiful kitchen prayer that we have recreated for you today, as the Traditional kitchen style, and the Cajun kitchen style.  When I read it, through the yellowed, cracked lacquer, the words were so full of joy about bringing God and joy into our kitchen, I knew I had to do something wonderful with it, to share it with others.  The first one hangs proudly in my kitchen, and I’m happy to say others are blessing many more kitchens today!  Yours needs one, too!

The other prayers followed the natural progression from love of God, to love of children, as with the lullaby CD's.  We created the adorable baby girl and boy “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer plaques.  Then, being the animal lover that I am, and by request from others, we had to include our adorable four-legged friends, puppies and kitties, too!  All are sweet reminders for bed time prayers and hugs.


The entire concept of Whispering Angels, LLC, even the name, has all been God guided and God-inspired, so from the very beginning, I made the commitment to give back to God what He asks of us, and that is to tithe.  In that spirit, Whispering Angels donates 10% of all proceeds to a charity for God’s work.  For a complete list of charitable organizations to whom we donate, please see “Tithes” under “Tidbits”.

Thank you again , for shopping with us.   We’re thrilled to be a blessing of music and prayer from our hearts to yours!

Sweet dreams!

Ann Wynn
Executive Producer
Whispering Angels, LLC

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